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Blue Care Vet ClinicVeterinary cosmetics

At Blue Care Vet we provide cosmetic services for your favorite pets. We groom cats and dogs at our practice, or at your home. We know very well that physical looks mean a lot the owners, but also for their furry friends, so that they can benefit of a full beauty treatment.

For cats and dogs, we ensure a periodic grooming, including haircut, nail cutting, fur treatment, deworming, ear cleaning and so on. Because the haircut is made individually for every cat and dog, the style will be discussed in advance with the owner in order to determine the future looks and the eventual restrictions, if any.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art tools that doesn’t stress unnecessarily your little pet. Of course, in case general anesthesia is needed (especially in case of dogs), we will use our technology and knowledge from the surgery unit.

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