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Blue Care Vet ClinicVeterinary diagnostics

Blue Care Vet veterinary clinic offers examination/diagnostics services with the help of the medical equipment we have. Thus, we can conclude any medical investigation, starting from a simple, routine examination, to complex laboratory analysis. Any problem the patient might have, we can identify them with the highest precision rate.

Common blood tests are done in our laboratory, so that the majority of testsnecessary to your pet are covered, regardless of the fact that it’s about a periodical examination, or if the examination is done due to some symptoms of your favorite animal. According to the age of your pet and its kind, we will recommend further, more complex tests, if necessary.

At the same time, we can perform more complex tests, like white and red blood cell counting, electrolite level, heart worm infestation determination, thyroid testing at cats and dogs.

In case the necessary laboratory testing exceeds our capabilities, the samples collected from your pets are sent to an approved laboratory in order to obtain the required tests.

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