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Blue Care Vet ClinicVeterinary pharmacy

Our veterinarian pharmacy is equipped with the most used veterinarian medicines and pharmaceutical preparations in order to ensure the right treatment at the right time.

We will not hesitate to order from our suppliers’ pharmaceutical products that we need for our patient: antibiotics, liver protectors, analgesics, antiallergy, anti-inflammatory drugs, cardiac invigorators, supplements for the protection and rehabilitation of the articulations, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, creams, anti-worm pills, natural cauterization creams, ophthalmic and otic solutions, medication for the affections of the bladder and kidney.

The veterinarian pharmacy is provided with pharmacy preparations in order to support our services day and night. Ask us about the treatment of your pet or about solutions for ticks, fleas and other harmful insects, ask our advice about the shampoo to use. We are here to help!

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