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Blue Care Vet– Veterinary clinicPricelist

General consultation for overall health status determination10 Lei
General consultationwith diagnosis and treatment prescription15 Lei
Special consultation (orthopedics, oncology, dermatology, urology, neurology, endocrinology)20 Lei
Consultation for diagnosis and treatment revision3 Lei
Oral administration of medication2 Lei
Intramuscular/subcutaneous injections 4 Lei + value of the medicine
Intravenous administration8 Lei + value of the medicine
Cytostatic administration60 - 200 Lei
Venous catheterization10 Lei
Bandage15 – 95 Lei
Local anesthetic45 – 105 Lei
General anesthetic with slow recovery (Neurolept-anesthetics):
Body weight < 10 kg45 Lei
Body weight 10 - 20 kg75 – 95 Lei
Body weight 20 – 40 kg95 – 115 Lei
Body weight > 40 kg135 – 175 Lei
General anesthetics with quick recovery (Antidote)70 Lei/10 kg. m.c
Mechanical ventilation during surgery80 – 180 Lei
Resuscitation: <10 kg45 Lei
Resuscitation: 10 – 20 kg65 Lei
Resuscitation: 20 – 40 kg85 Lei
Resuscitation: > 40 kg110 Lei
Surface surgery70 – 200 Lei + value of the anesthetics
Surgical interventions50 – 800 Lei + value of the anesthetics
Urine summary (biochemical, sediment)35 Lei
Microscope examinations (micotic, parazitologic)50 Lei
Specialty microscope examinations (cytology)150 Lei
Abdominal echography70 Lei
ECG (Electrocardiogram)70 Lei
Blood pressure measurement5 Lei
Complete blood count QBC80 Lei
Serum biochemistry: - small set (6 parameters)120 Lei
Serum biochemistry: - large set (13 parameters)200 Lei
Serum biochemistry: - price/parameter25 Lei
Other works:
- nail cutting8 Lei
- aural toilet15 Lei
- perianal gland drainage10 Lei
- ureteral stenting35 Lei + value of stent + anesthetic (if necessary)
- others (wound cleaning, enema, extraction of foreign objects)50 – 150 Lei + the cost of eventual special accessories and anesthetics
- microchipping60 Lei
- carnet de sănătate15 Lei
- passport for the European Union25 Lei
- R.E.C.S. registration fee20 Lei
- NobivacPuppy DP30 Lei
- Nobivac DHP35 Lei
- Nobivac DHPPIL50 Lei
- NobivacRabies20 Lei
- Vanguard 7 Plus50 Lei
- Vanguard 7 Plus CPV35 Lei
- VanguardRabies20 Lei
- Purevax RCP60 Lei
- Purevax RCPCH70 Lei
- PurevaxRCPCHFelv85 Lei
- Felocell35 Lei

Services outside the working hours will be paid at 50 Ron + 25% extra fee for all the other prices.

In case of home treatment (within the limits of the Blue Care Vet personnel), every started hour will be charged (including the duration of transportation) beside the treatment itself.

Pensioners and persons who take care of stray or wild animals benefit of a 15% discount on the treatment value. Surgical procedures, Pet Shop and/or Pharmacy products are excluded.

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