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Blue Care Vet ClinicVeterinary treatment

We can issue prescriptions and we can fulfill veterinary treatment according to the illness of your pet.

The treatment can be made by the pet’s owner at home, or, if the use of medical equipment is required, at our clinic.

Our veterinary clinic provides veterinary examinations, veterinary treatments, deworming, vaccination, veterinary surgery, blood, urine, dermatological, cytology, histopathological, mycology tests, coproparasitology, bacteriology test, ECG, abdominal, cardiac echography, professional teeth scaling, monitoring of vital functions.

Our veterinary practice provides complex and complete veterinarian services for the patient and our customer. Using the latest equipment and techniques, we can provide usual and emergency veterinary surgery. Also, we will provide our customers the necessary knowledge to manage the patient’s illness and we tailor the treatment according to personal needs and personality of each patient.

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